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Shopping Bag Dumbbells – Weightlifting after shopping

use shopping bags as dumbbells

Exercise: Shopping Bag Dumbbells
Situation: While waiting
Exercises: Upper arms

After you have been at the store and are carrying your shopping bags to wherever you are going, make sure you use the time for some upper arm exercises.

Try to load your shopping bags with about equal weight. It will be more comfortable if you use fabric shopping bags and it’s better for the environment.

Carry the bags along your sides as you are walking and pull your elbows up, like you were rowing. Repeat! You can both pull your arms up in parallel, or on at the time. This exercise will target your upper arms and shoulders.

You can also do this workout when carrying other heavy things. A suitcase for instance.

The casual lean – Upper arm workout while waiting

upper arm workout while waiting

Exercise: The casual lean
Situation: While waiting
Exercises: Upper arms

This is a great workout for when waiting for the bus, train, your ride, or just hanging out. The workout allows you to get a good upper arm workout when out in the public without anyone noticing.

You can do the casual lean both as a dynamic and static exercise. Find yourself something to lean up against, it can for instance be a wall or a signpost. Stand in a slight tilted angle and support yourself on the lower arm. Now you can either do small ‘push-ups’ by leaning in and out on the arm. You can also just do it as a static exercise and just lean on the arm for as long as you can.

Office chair dips – A killer workout for the office

arm workout on an office chair

Exercise: Office chair dips
Situation: At work
Exercises: Upper arms

This is a great Nano Workout for your upper arms. The nifty thing with this variant on dips is that you work out both the back and front side of your upper arms.

Use an office chair with wheels. A normal chair will also work but then you won’t exercise the front of you arms. Grab on to the edge of the seat and let the chair roll back as you go down. Stop when your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Pull that chair towards you to get back up again. Repeat!

This can be quite a heavy workout and it’s easier with a chair without wheel.