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Hasselhoff – Abs workout when walking

abs workout when walking
Exercise: Hasselhoff
Situation: Walking
Exercises: Abs

Hasselhoff is a killer abs workout to do when you are out for a walk.

Pull your belly back as much as you can and tense your abs. Use the mental image of your belly button touching your spine. Keep your abs tensed for as log as you can. Remember to breath normal. This exercise is heavier than you might think but you can still do it when you’re out for a walk.

Office squat – Leg workout at your desk

office squat
Exercise: Office squat
Situation: At a desk
Exercises: Legs

You probably know that it’s good to alternate between sitting down and standing up at your desk, but this exercise takes it one step further. If you have a desk which you can control the height of you should keep it at a quite low height. Push away your chair and work for a while in a squatted position. You will get a good static workout of your legs.

Drop the Soap – Leg stretching in the shower

drop the soapExercise: Drop the Soap
Situation: In the shower
Stretches: Legs

There are tons of small exercises you can do while taking a shower. Drop the Soap might have a slightly odd look to it, but since no one is watching you in the shower you can just go for it.

It’s a basic leg stretching exercise, try to touch the floor without arching your back. Hold the stretch about 8-10 seconds and repeat three times, going deeper in the stretch each time. You will feel the stretch on the back of your legs.