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Desk clamp – Abs workout at the office

excercise abs at the office
Exercise: Desk clamp
Situation: At the office
Exercises: Abs, legs & arms

Desk clamp is quite a tough exercise that both requires a bit of strength in your abs, as well as a somewhat stable desk.

Sit close to the desk with your forearms resting flat on the surface. Lift yourself from the chair until your knees touch the base of the desk and pump your legs up and down as many times as you can manage without sitting down.

You will mainly workout your abs but your legs and arms will get some exercise as well.

Bull neck & Belly stretch in bed

workout in bed

Exercise: Bull neck & Belly stretch
Situation: In bed
Exercises: Neck & Abs

This is a good exercise to do just as you are getting ready for bed or when you have just woken up. You get a good abs stretch as well as giving your neck a workout.

Lay with your head and neck outside the edge of the bed. Stretch as much as you can so you can feel it in your abs. Keep your head elevated for as long as you can to get a good neck workout. You don’t need to keep your arms extended as you are exercising your neck.

Btw, the guy in the illustration is wearing undies from GÄSSLING, which just happens to be the underwear brand I own 🙂

Neck stretchers at the office

having a stiff neck

Exercise: Neck stretchers
Situation: At the office
Stretches: Neck

Do your neck feel stiff after having spent too long in front of the computer? Do some neck stretches and you will feel better.

Sit up straight and grab hold of the edge of the seat with one hand. Gently pull your head to the side with the other as you push your head and neck towards the hand. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and do a couple of reps for each side. You can do this stretch both to the sides, diagonal and pulling your head forward to stretch the back of the neck.