Monthly Archives: May 2012

Finger Pointers – Finger & lower arm workout on the toilet

finger workout on the toilet
Exercise: Finger Pointers
Situation: On the toilet
Exercises: Fingers & lower arms

This little exercise is super easy to do and will give your hands and lower arms a good workout.
It’s a piece of cake to do, just extend your arms and swiftly open and close your hands.
It requires quite a few reps. Start by aiming for 100 and see how many more you can do.

Arching – Stretch your back in bed

Exercise: Arching
Situation: In bed
Stretches: Back

This is an awesome stretch exercise to do before you get out of bed in the morning.
Arch your back so you feel the stretch in your back. You can also help by lifting your back with your hands.

Big Ass Book dumbbell – Upper arm workout in the couch

Exercise: Big Ass Book Dumbbell
Situation: In the couch
Exercises: Upper arms

Why not use some couch time to work on those biceps? If you have some dumbbells then then use them, but if you don’t there’s still no excuse. You can use anything you have laying around which carry some weight and you can hold with one hand. For instance a big ass book.

Grab your big ass book with one hand and support the elbow on your knee. Do a few sets on each arm and then switch.