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The Towel Pull – Upper arm workout in the kitchen

woman doing arm workout in the kitchen
Exercise: The towel pull
Situation: Cooking
Exercises: Upper arms

This simple static exercise can give your upper arms a real work-through if you put your heart into it.

Just grab a kitchen towel and hold it above your head while pulling to the sides as much as you can. Keep the tension for about 30 seconds or so before resting. Flip your egg, or whatever you are doing, and then go at it again.

The Plank – Core workout on the couch

Core workout on the couch
Exercise: The plank
Situation: On the couch
Exercises: Core and upper arm

Strong core muscles helps your posture, strength, stability and general fitness level. The planks is a core muscle workout you can do from the couch at home and it will work your upper arms as well.

Lean on your lower arm while keeping your body elevated and fixed. It’s a static exercise and you should hold the position for as long as you can and repeat a couple of times. Don’t forget to switch side.

Desk push-ups – arm workout at work

push-ups at work
Exercise: Desk Push-ups
Situation: At work
Exercises: Upper arms

Push your chair away for 30 seconds and get some push-ups on. It’s not more difficult than that.

Just lean towards you desk and do as many push-ups as you can manage, or split them into two or three reps. Boom, You are on your way to some well toned sexy arms!