Monthly Archives: January 2013

Don’t walk up stairs, RUN!

Sorry no illustration today! I’m currently working on the last pieces of the script for the Nano Workout book, which is due in a couple of weeks. But once that is done I’m back in full speed.

Today’s message is: Run up stairs, don’t just walk. And for an extra intense experience run with high knees.

You can’t get a much more intense workout than running in stairs at high pace, even if it’s just a few floors. What’s also great is that with this kind of intense interval exercise your body will continue to burn calories even when you have reached your floor.


Twisting crunches in bed – get rock solid abs in bed

illustration of man doing crunches is bed
Situation: In bed
Stretches. Abs

Why make it complicated? Crunches is an excellent go-to exercise and if you want to spice them up you can make them twisted.

Lay on your back in bed and elevate your legs. Raise your upper body and turn to the left and meet your left knee with your elbow or hand. Keep you legs elevate and switch sides. Do as many as you can manage.

There’s no need to raise your upper body all that much. If you just get your shoulder off the sheets then that’s enough.