Can you stop ageing by fasting?

Eat, Fast and Live Longer – A BBC documentary about intermittent fasting

Maybe not hot-of-the-press-news but I just saw Michael Mosleys BBC documentary about fasting. Michael sets out to investigate if periodic fasting can slow down ageing and give you a healthier lifestyle.

Intermittent fasting
One of the latest diet trends is intermittent fasting; short periods of fasting alternated with non-fasting. The fasting periods can be everything from 12h to a couple of days. One of the more extreme versions is Alternate Day fasting (ADF). The idea is that you starve yourself one day and gorge the next. Another version is the 5:2 diet. In 5:2 you eat normal for five days and then a calory restricted diet for two days (600 calories for men and 500 for women). Michael tries both diets but in the end get hooked on the 5:2 diet.

The force of hunger
Even though these kind of diets seem to work, at least for Michael, I’m slightly sceptical to whether this is a sustainable lifestyle you can maintain in the long run. Hunger is a strong force and I wouldn’t want to face starving for two days every week.

Personally I eat a low carb diet with plenty of protein, mainly from vegetable sources but also meat and fish, as well as above ground vegetables and healthy fat, (real butter, olive- and coconut oil).

Have a look at the documentary and see for yourself. Is fasting something you would try or already are practicing?

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3 thoughts on “Eat, Fast and Live Longer – A BBC documentary about intermittent fasting

  1. Danny

    I done a lot of researching on this different method for losing weight (or losing body fat, however you want to say it) and for the most part it seems to be gaining a lot of popularity. With this technique many characteristics of the body can be improved for the better. The real question is not whether or not fasting can help you, but how it will help you and how often you should do it. I think if I were to try anything I would have to try the Intermittent Fasting because I would not stick to a regular diet, ya I have no will power.

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  2. Jerry

    I saw this video back in early April. I’ve been doing the 5/2 diet for about 5 weeks now. Without changing anything else, I have actually lost just over ten pounds. In general, I just can’t bring myself to stick with diets that change what I eat. Quite frankly I don’t like the textures and tastes. I also don’t do well when it comes to restricting my proportions on a daily basis. It’s not as if I eat an obscene amount, but when I eat, I need to feel satiated. I seem to get a lot of flack from people I tell about this. The arguments are always the same: “Just eat less”, “Exercise more”, and “Eat healthier foods”. The fact is, I’m not going to stick with any of it, because it makes me miserable.

    Fasting two days a week wasn’t easy at first, but it wasn’t that hard. I still had my morning coffee and drank decaf tea and water throughout the day. After work I had a small 500 calorie meal (usually soup & salad). It’s just twice a week, and never two days in a row. I get to keep my comfort foods, and this gives me the reinforcement I need to face the days when I fast. I plan to keep doing this.

    I hate to admit I’ve been a bit of a yo-yo dieter in the past, but so far, this one seems to be one I can actually stick to. Any two days, not in a row, twice a week, and forget about the health gurus telling me I’m doing it all wrong.

  3. Jim

    Our 11th week:
    49 lbs (212>163 lbs) – equivalent to 3 large 16 lb bolling balls
    10″ (42>32″)
    -Expect my upcoming blood test to show I’m “bulletproof”
    -Feeling better, lookin good,,,
    -Amazing how much easier it is to walk & run w/o carrying 3 large bolling balls!
    -Why has the Video been taken off UTube & PBS???
    -Just a thought…

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