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exercise furniture

Workout furniture – workspace furniture which converts into exercise equipment

Workout workspace furniture, by Darryl Agawin

exercise furniture

Darrul Agawin’s 3-piece workspace furniture set which transform into exercise furniture.

Vancouver based based designer Darryl Agawin have designed a set of furniture which should invite the user to exercise. No sweat! is a three piece workspace furniture set which transforms into exercise equipment.

The set is based on some very common exercise tools; a step-up board, balance board, skipping rope and kettle bell.

I applaud the idea but I can’t help to feel that more could be done. Most of it are tools you pick off the furniture and then use for exercise separately and there’s not really too much benefit from having them by themselves. I would like to see a chair which folds for sit ups or a pull up bar desk.

Darryl claims that the set is designed for everyone but I think that everyone in this case have to really enjoy 80’s design and especially the Memphis reaction from 1981-85.

Still it’s a novel idea and it would be great to see more of this kind of thinking.

No, Sweat! – teaser 2 from Darryl Agawin on Vimeo.

Leg Extensions – Quads exercise at work

Leg Extensions – Quads exercise at work

quadriceps workout at work

Nel is exercising his quads at his desk at work.

Keeping fit while at work can be a challenge. You are stuck behind a desk and there’s a ton of work which needs to get done. But do not despair, there are plenty of good exercises well suited for your office space and this is just one of them. Leg extensions are great because they are easy to do and you don’t even have to take your focus away from the computer screen and still work your quads. The leg extension is an isometric exercise (static). This means that your joints or muscle length doesn’t change during the exercise.

Sit up straight and tense your abs. Lift one of your legs straight out to hip level and keep the foot pointing slightly upwards. Tense your quad (thigh) and maintain the tension for a desired period of time before relaxing and lowering your leg. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions and then switch to the other side. You can start with about 10 seconds for each rep, but feel free to do as short/long as you feel like.

An alternative version is to perform the leg extension as a dynamic/isotonic exercise. When your leg is extended, slowly move it up and down while keeping the muscle tensed. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions and then switch to the other side.

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Shoulder rolls – shoulder exercise in the car

Tensed shoulders after a long time behind the wheel? Try some shoulder rolls.

shoulder rolls

Nel is stretching his shoulders while driving.

The shoulder roll is a simple stretch exercise with a lot of benefits. Shoulder rolls will help you release tension in your shoulders, increasing general mobility and improving your posture. You can do them almost everywhere and they one of few exercise suited to do in a car. They are especially good on a long drive, since you tend to tense up after hours behind the wheel.

Keep your head up without tilting it forward and relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath through your nose. Do the shoulder rolls as you slowly exhale through your mouth.
Start with your left shoulder. Pull your shoulder back and then lift it up towards your ear and then push it forward in a rolling motion. Roll your shoulder forward a few times and then switch direction. Then do the same with your right shoulder. Take your time and do them slowly. You can either roll one shoulder at the time, or both shoulders at the same time. Finish by shrugging your shoulders a couple of times.