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peter attia at TEDMED

Fight obesity and cure diabetes – low carb diet – TEDMED

Cutting down on refined grains, starch and sugar can help cure obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Surgeon Peter Attia was a living his life according to the specs. He was working out several hours every day week and following the recommended food pyramid. But even though he was living his life the way he’d have been taught he started gaining weight and developed insulin resistance. To fight the change he started tweaking his diet to find out what would help. After having reduced his intake of refined grains, starch and sugar he found himself losing 40 lbs even though he was working out less. Today he’s no longer insulin resistant and in really good shape.

Peter’s hypothesis is that it’s refined grains, sugar and starches which are driving the currently ongoing obesity epidemic. Personally I couldn’t agree more.

I eat a low carb diet without any refined sugar or grains and I feel great. My stomach is never complaining and I very rarely feel tired during the days. That said I have never been fat so I haven’t experience the personal revolution which Peter did but the basic science is pretty easy to understand; Carbs turn into blood sugar which raises the insulin level, and insulin binds fat. Controlling your insulin levels will make sure your cells don’t bind unnecessary fat.

I’m not a doctor but there’s pretty much research available to back this up. You can for instance check out this research study by Diabetetologia where a low-carbphydate (LCD) diet was compared to a low-fat diet (LFD). Patients eating the low carb diet could significantly reduce their insulin doses after 6 months.

balance exercise illustration

One legged forefoot exercise – practice balance while brushing teeth

The One legged forefoot is a great exercise you can do in many places. Try it when brushing your teeth or just standing around waiting for your ride. You will both improve your balance as well as strengthen your feet and lower legs.

balance exercise illustration

Nel is practising his balance and strengthens his feet while brushing his teeth.

Start by standing on one leg. When you feel comfortable with your balance and can stand on one leg for a longer period of time without losing your balance, it’s time to take this exercise to the next level. It’s time to go forefoot!

While standing on one leg, raise yourself up on your forefoot and keep standing on one leg. Try to maintain this position for a longer period of time. Aim for 60 seconds.

An even more advanced version is to stand on one leg on a balance board and if you really want to make it tricky you should also be carrying something heavy.

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Workout while brushing your teeth and save £2 billion a year

A UK study by Nuffield Health shows that if people in Great britain increased their daily exercise by just 12 minutes the results could lead to a total saving in care of up to £6 billion.

nuffield health

12 minutes more exercise a day can save £6 billion in the UK.

The recommended amount of exercise in the UK is 150 minutes a week, which breaks down to 5 days of 30 minutes of exercise each. I reality though the average person exercise a measly 4 days a month. Data from the Health Survey for England (HSE) indicates that 70% of all brits don’t meet the recommendations.

Those that do sports have better mental health and physical health, lower cholesterol
and blood pressure levels, are less likely to report having cardiovascular disease or
Type 2 diabetes and are more likely to be a healthy weight.

The stats also indicates that exercise is a class issue. The average household income of those that do moderate sports is more than £6,500 a year higher than inactive households. These people are also more likely to be employed. Lowering the barrier for exercise could help reduce these inequalities.

This is also where I start to preaching making Nano Workouts a part of the daily life. These missing 12 minutes a day could easily be covered if a few Nano Workouts were made part of the daily routines. Just including a Nano Workout while brushing your teeth twice a day would cover 33% of the missing 12 minutes.

Link to full report by Nuffield Health

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