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Toxic sugar - documentary

Toxic sugar – the obesity epidemic (video)

Sugar is the root cause of the obesity epidemic spreading around the globe and this great Australian documentary from ABC Catalyst explains how our body reacts to sugar and carbs. These are 18 min you really need to watch!

You will hear comments from obesity Professor Michael Cowley who explains how insulin is the main hormone which stores fat in the fat cells and eating carbohydrates will cause your insulin levels to stay high (makes you fat).

Professor Robert Lustig from the University of California resembles eating sugar with coating a steak with a sugary barbecue sauce. The sauce helps the steak to brown faster and the same thing is happening inside us when we eat sugar; we age faster. Prof Lustig says that if you had a glass of fruit juice this morning, it caused you to age seven times faster.

Overall I think these are 18 minutes really well spend watching. If you still don’t want to look at it then here’s the main insight; sugar and carbohydrates makes us fat and we should limit our intake of these substances. Instead eat more protein and fat.

frying pan dumbbell

Frying pan dumbbell – shoulder workout in the kitchen

If you have a cast-iron frying pan or a heavy pot, you also have access to a dumbbell when you are in the kitchen. The is a lateral shoulder exercise you can do when you have a minute to spare when preparing dinner.

frying pan dumbbell

A cast-iron frying pan makes for a great kicthen dumbbell

Grab your cast-iron frying pan with your palm facing down. Raise and lower the pan slowly to target your shoulder. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions and then switch to the other side.

You can adjust the level of difficulty by changing the angle of your elbow and how you are holding the pan. To make it easy; do the exercise with your arm bent and holding the pan with the pan area below your hand. To make it more challenging; straighten your arm and make sure the pan is pointing forward.

You can also use the pan for other dumbbell exercises; why not try to do some good old curls?

infographics freshman 15

How to avoid The Freshman 15

Freshman 15, First year Fatties, Fresher Spread, or Fresher Five. Whatever you want to call it it’s a statistical fact that the first year at college have a tendency of making it’s mark on your waistline. Even though the 15 lbs of weight gain is somewhat of a myth and the real number is closer to 3, the fact still remains; if you don’t pay attention your health might deteriorate during your freshman year.

I got this nice piece of infographics from which have some good points on how to avoid gaining weight while at college. Of course the tips are also applicable if you’re not in college.

infographics freshman 15

How to avoid gaining weight during your freshman year