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Commercial break plank exercise

Plank during commercials – A two minute core workout

A commercial break is normally somewhere around two minutes, which is also great duration for a couple of plank reps.

Commercial break plank exercise

Mel is doing the plank while waiting for the TV commercials to finish.

The plank is a great abs exercise to target your core muscles.

Get down on the floor in plank position. Rest on your forearms and toes. Keep your core muscles tensed and maintain a straight position. Down dip or raise your butt. Keep your gaze focused on the floor without tensing your neck. Start by planking for shorter periods and then gradually increase the duration. To make the exercise easier you can rest on your knees.

Plank with leg lift. Same starting position as the regular plank. Lift one leg slightly off the floor and keep it elevated for a couple of seconds before switching sides.

Plank with extended arm. Same starting position as the regular plank. Extend one arm straight in front of you and keep it extended for a couple of seconds before retracting it and extending the other.

Side plank. Lay on the side resting on one forearm. Place your upper foot on top of the one resting on the floor. This can also be done on your knees.

Dan Buettner at TED MED

Live to be 100+

In this TED MED talk from 2010 Dan Buettner explains the research he did together with National Geographics to unveil the secret behind living to be 100+ years old.

As you might expect Dan’s research supports the Nano Workout lifestyle and if you got 19 minutes to spare I can highly recommend this TED talk.

The research boiled down to what they call the Power 9. Pay extra attention the what’s rated most important.

1. Move Naturally
2. Have a purpose
3. Down Shift
4. Eat until you are 80% full
5. Eat plants
6. Drink 1-2 glasses of wine every day
7. Belong
8. Loved Ones First
9. Right Tribe


Facebook and texting is stealing your exercise time

A recent UK study showed that the main excuse for not exercising is lack of time, but at the same time half of the participants spent 30-60 minutes every day texting and 30-60 minutes on Facebook.

texting instead of working out

People spend a lot more time on social networks than taking care of themeselves.

The recent study was commissioned by the HIIT fitness system and included 1000 participants.

Among the women, 75% stated that the would like to be in better shape, but 40% said that a lack of time prevented them from working out. But at the same time almost 60% of the surveyed women stated that they spent 30-60 minutes texting every day, and 47% spend 30-60 minutes on Facebook. As for the men 70% state that they don’t have enough time but 45% spend 30-60 minutes on Facebook. I couldn’t find any numbers on texting for men.

Although it appears that it’s not the lack of time which is the problem but rather a lack of motivation and ability to make exercise a part of the daily routine.

It appear that there are many people who would benefit from learning about Nano Workouts since this lowers the threshold for working out to a minimum. Personally I think I’m going to start enforcing a small exercise penalty each time I open Facebook. It might get painful because I’m there quite a lot.