My name is Joakim Christoffersson. For almost my entire life I have practiced sport. I have a black belt in Ju Jutsu and I have practiced swimming, hand ball, running, Muay Thai etc. I am not a super fit person but I live a general healthy lifestyle.

In early 2011 I found myself flooded with work and lacking the time for working out. After a couple of months without a proper workout I decided the situation needed to change but I still lacked the time and I couldn’t cut back on work. I then decided to include small Nano Workouts in my day. I designed the Nano Workouts so they would take less than a minute each in order to not interfere with my schedule. After a few months of doing Nano Workouts I could feel some great changes in my body. Now I do them constantly and they keep me healthy and in shape without having to go to the gym.