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Workout exercies you can do in the bathroom. Workout in the shower and on the toilet.

Finger Pointers – Finger & lower arm workout on the toilet

finger workout on the toilet
Exercise: Finger Pointers
Situation: On the toilet
Exercises: Fingers & lower arms

This little exercise is super easy to do and will give your hands and lower arms a good workout.
It’s a piece of cake to do, just extend your arms and swiftly open and close your hands.
It requires quite a few reps. Start by aiming for 100 and see how many more you can do.

Wall push – Chest stretch in the shower

Exercise: Wall push
Situation: In the shower
Stretches: Chest
Feeling a bit stiff in your chest muscles after a few too many push-ups? The wall push is an easy stretch exercise you can do when in the shower.

Lean against the corner and position your arms vertically. Lean into the stretch so you can feel it in your chest. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and repeat a couple of times.

Drop the Soap – Leg stretching in the shower

drop the soapExercise: Drop the Soap
Situation: In the shower
Stretches: Legs

There are tons of small exercises you can do while taking a shower. Drop the Soap might have a slightly odd look to it, but since no one is watching you in the shower you can just go for it.

It’s a basic leg stretching exercise, try to touch the floor without arching your back. Hold the stretch about 8-10 seconds and repeat three times, going deeper in the stretch each time. You will feel the stretch on the back of your legs.