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The scientific 4 minute workout – HIT

It’s the never ending question of how much workout is enough. Now some Norwegian scientists think they might have found the answer; It’s 4 minutes.high interval training
The latest trend in exercise is High Intensity Interval Training (HIT), aka Short Burst Training (SBT). The principle is easy. Go all out for a short period of time instead of spending a lot of time at a lower pace.

In May 2013 a study was published in journal PLoS One by researcher from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway where they sat out to investigate the minimum amount of exercise needed to acquire acceptable health gain.

“One of the main reasons people give” for not exercising is that they don’t have time, says Arnt Erik Tjonna, a postdoctoral fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, who led the study.

The study gathered two groups of 26 overweight middle-aged men. One group did 4 sets of 4 minutes of running on a treadmill at 90% of their max heart rate. The other group did just one set of 4 minutes at 90% capacity. This was repeated 3 times a week for 10 weeks.

The results showed that the men had increased their endurance capacity by an average of 10%, but there were no difference between the two groups. It didn’t matter if they did 4, or 16 minutes of workout, the results were the same.

I think this is awesome and the Norwegian scientist seem to agree that this matches with the Nano Workout approach:
Dr. Tjonna says: Sprint uphill for four minutes or race up multiple flights of steps. Bicycle, swim or even walk briskly, as long as you raise your heart rate sufficiently for four minutes.
“Everyone, we think,” Dr. Tjonna says, “has time for this kind of exercise three times a week.”.

Source nytimes

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Workout while brushing your teeth and save £2 billion a year

A UK study by Nuffield Health shows that if people in Great britain increased their daily exercise by just 12 minutes the results could lead to a total saving in care of up to £6 billion.

nuffield health

12 minutes more exercise a day can save £6 billion in the UK.

The recommended amount of exercise in the UK is 150 minutes a week, which breaks down to 5 days of 30 minutes of exercise each. I reality though the average person exercise a measly 4 days a month. Data from the Health Survey for England (HSE) indicates that 70% of all brits don’t meet the recommendations.

Those that do sports have better mental health and physical health, lower cholesterol
and blood pressure levels, are less likely to report having cardiovascular disease or
Type 2 diabetes and are more likely to be a healthy weight.

The stats also indicates that exercise is a class issue. The average household income of those that do moderate sports is more than £6,500 a year higher than inactive households. These people are also more likely to be employed. Lowering the barrier for exercise could help reduce these inequalities.

This is also where I start to preaching making Nano Workouts a part of the daily life. These missing 12 minutes a day could easily be covered if a few Nano Workouts were made part of the daily routines. Just including a Nano Workout while brushing your teeth twice a day would cover 33% of the missing 12 minutes.

Link to full report by Nuffield Health

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Walking meetings – walk 30miles a week while still at the office.

obama exercise

Obama and Hamid Karzai on a walking chat outside the white house on Jan.11 2013

Walking meetings – walk 30miles a week while still at the office.

People spend an average of 9.3 hours every day on their butt. It’s actually possible to trace 6% of all heart disease and 7% of all type 2 diabetes to inactivity. Now if you work in an office and attend lots of meetings, Nilofer Merchant have a simple solution for you.

In this thee minute TED talk Nilofer Merchant explains about the benefits of doing walking meetings.

The idea is simple; If you have a one-on-one meeting your should make it into a walking meeting. Drop that boring conference room and get out there and move your ass.

For Nilofer this was a real lifechanger and she now does walking meetings for about 20-30 miles a week.
Check out the video below

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