Secrets of longevity

All around the world there are five different areas called Blue Zones. People who live in a blue zone have a substantial higher life expectancy compared to people in the rest of the world. Reaching a 100 years when living in a blue zone is nothing out of the ordinary.

For a long time it was a mystery why five places located in different parts of the world had such high life expectancy whilst their cultures shared little else in common. In 2004 National Geographic and the National Institute on Aging conducted a study to map these long living people in order to find the answer to a longer life.

After having collected huge amounts of data they came to a series of conclusions. One of the most compelling findings was actually not what these people did, but what they didn’t do. None of these people do any high intense exercising. There are no ultra-marathon runners, elite swimmers or bodybuilders among these long lived people.

Most blue zones are located in fairly low developed areas of the world, often in difficult terrain. People who live here get their daily exercise by being active in their everyday lives, not by going to the gym. Their daily chores can for instance be to chop wood, working with animals or walking to a friend far away. The study boiled down to a list of nine lifestyle changes needed to live longer. At the top of the list you can find “move naturally”.

Sure, you don’t live on the top of a Greek mountain with a flock of goats. Perhaps you work in an office and have to pick up the kids from day care after work and when you finally get them in bed you would rather just kick back in the sofa than worry about exercising.

Now let’s try to see if we can do something about that!

Nano Workouts have been developed with this in mind. By doing Nano Workouts you can achieve a healthy lifestyle without having to sweat away at the gym?