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Turning Torso – Back & bum stretch in bed

stretch in bed
Exercise: Turning Torso
Situation: In bed
Stretches: Back & bum

After a long day at work this little stretch exercise will do wonders for your back.

Lay down on the side in bed. Use your left hand to press down your knee while also pressing down with your right arm to the bed. Switch sides! Feel your back return to its former glory.

The sink pull – Back stretch in the kitchen

Exercise: The sink pull
Situation: In the kithchen
Stretches: Back

If you have 30 seconds to spare when waiting for water to boil or the micro to finish, then you can use them to stretch your back.

With you right hand, grab hold of the edge of your kitchen top where the sink is and extend your right leg back. Pull the sink towards you and you will feel a great back stretch on your right side. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and repeat a couple of times, then switch side.

Itchy feet – Stretch you back when on the can

Stretch your back when on the toilet
Exercise: Ithcy feet
Situation: On the can
Exercises: Back stretch

Itchy feet is a good exercise to do during the day if you work in an office and get back pain after long hours in front of the computer and need to stretch your back.

Lean forward and hold on to your left foot with your right hand. Gently pull your arm towards you to stretch the right side of your back. Keep the stretch for the desired amount of times before switching side.

An alternative is to hold on to both ankels at the same time and push your back up. This is similar to a cat pose in yoga and will stretch the middle of your back.

This exercise is just as well suited to do on an office chair as on on the toilet.