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The Towel Pull – Upper arm workout in the kitchen

woman doing arm workout in the kitchen
Exercise: The towel pull
Situation: Cooking
Exercises: Upper arms

This simple static exercise can give your upper arms a real work-through if you put your heart into it.

Just grab a kitchen towel and hold it above your head while pulling to the sides as much as you can. Keep the tension for about 30 seconds or so before resting. Flip your egg, or whatever you are doing, and then go at it again.

Tip Toe – Leg workout in the kitchen

leg workout in the kitchen
Exercise: Tip Toe
Situation: In the kitchen
Exercises: Legs

Lots of tasks in the kitchen involves standing still in one place for a period of time. This little exercise will help you workout your legs with minimal effort.

With slightly bent legs, stand up on the front of your feet. Tense your calves and keep your balance. Hold for as long as you can. Rest & repeat.

Manual cooking – Arm workout in the kitchen

arm workout in the kitchen
Exercise: Manual cooking
Situation: In the kitchen
Exercises: Arms

Leave your electric kitchen toys in the cabinets, it’s time to go manual!

It takes 3 minutes to whip up a batch of meringue using an electric mixer and it takes about 6 if you use a manual whisk, but you will also get a killer lower arm workout as a bonus.

This is not a single workout but more of a general encouragement to leave your electrical kitchen tools in the cabinets. If you start baking your own bread you can both get a 15min arm workout while massaging the dough and at the same time you will make those horrible store bought buns a thing of the past.