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Arm stretch on the toilet

man stretching arm on toilet
Exercise: Arm stretch
Situation: On the can
Stretches: Upper arms

Sit down for some private time and use it to stretch your arms.

With one arm behind your back, apply force with the other hand so you feel tension on the outside of your upper arm. You can lean into the stretch to make it more effective. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and switch sides a couple of times.

The Towel Pull – Upper arm workout in the kitchen

woman doing arm workout in the kitchen
Exercise: The towel pull
Situation: Cooking
Exercises: Upper arms

This simple static exercise can give your upper arms a real work-through if you put your heart into it.

Just grab a kitchen towel and hold it above your head while pulling to the sides as much as you can. Keep the tension for about 30 seconds or so before resting. Flip your egg, or whatever you are doing, and then go at it again.

Commuter Abs Workout

Exercise: Commuter Abs Workout
Situation: On a train, bus, passenger in a car etc.
Exercises: Abs

You can do this simple abs workout almost anywhere. Position yourself on the edge of the seat. Tense your abs, lean back without touching the backrest and elevate your feet from the floor. Hold the position for period of time and then repeat. Hello sixpack!