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no more esclalators

Always the stairs – the new tagline

Recently I updated the Nano Workouts tagline to Always the stairs. The reasoning behind Always the stairs is to communicate a mindset, rather than a single approach to the perfect body. If you always chose the stairs to the elevator/escalator you not only get a ton more exercise than if you took the passive approach, but you also tell yourself that you are an awesome person who no matter what will not take the easy approach.

I live on the 5th floor and the office where I work is also on the 5th floor. Just to make the math easy we can say that there are 15 steps to each floor (actually there are more). By just leaving my home in the morning, going to work and getting back home again will add up to 109.500 steps a year. Imagine walking up that many steps! It almost seems like an impossible task but if made a part of your everyday lifestyle they’re suddenly done without even thinking about it.

If you now apply this to more activities you will rack up your workout minutes to some seriously impressive numbers. For instance by doing an easy exercise while brushing your teeth twice a day, will add up to more than 24h of exercise in a year.

I hope you follow my train of thoughts and will also make it a habit to leave the elevator to those with a weaker attitude.

no more esclalators

Always The Stairs, is the new tagline for Nano Workouts.