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Intermittent exercise

Better weight loss with intermittent workouts – research study

Intermittent exerciseShort intermittent workouts during the day might be better for weight loss than a single full workout, according to a new study published in the journal Obesity.

Lately I have been posting a few research studies and I hope they don’t bore you too much. The reason is that I find it really interesting to read about research related to exercising according to the Nano Workout approach. What is even better is that all studies support this method of getting your daily exercise, also when pitched against traditional continuous workouts.

This latest study published in journal Obesity wanted to find out how hormones which regulates appetite (Peptide YY) fluctuated when doing intermittent vs. continuous exercise.

The study had 11 obese participants do one hour of continuous exercise one day, and another day do 12 sets of 5 minute intermittent workouts. The researchers couldn’t see any difference in the PPT hormone when comparing continuous and intermittent workouts, but the participants stated they felt av average of 32% fuller in the morning and afternoon after having done intermittent workouts.

Although this was a very small study with only 11 participant the results are still interesting.

Study co-author Tim Fairchild, from Murdoch University’s School of Psychology and Exercise, said a regime of shorter exercise sessions presented a promising alternative for weight maintenance and weight loss. “Staying physically active at work and home is critical for maintaining low levels of hunger.”

Prof. David Dunstan (not connected to the study) said the next step was to work out how the finding translated to people’s working lives. “What happens when you start scaling this down to what is practical and meaningful? You could go and walk the stairs but you’re going to be in your work clothes. So what can people fit into their daily lives without too much disruption to their productivity?”.

Seems like the researchers are agreeing: Nano Workouts are the shit!

source The Conversation

Exercise with moderation and live longer and healthier.

Climbing a mountain is both healthy and fun.

Climbing a mountain is both healthy and fun.

Exercise with moderation and live longer and healthier.

Research from the The Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study performed by the Cooper Institute in Texas shows that one of the reasons we are experiencing an obesity epidemic is simply that we move less than we used to.

Some of the not-so-positive stats provided by the study (based on US only):
– ¼ trips are one mile or less, but ¾ of those trips are done by car.
– Children ages 5-15 bike 40% less than they did in the 70’s.
– In the US only 6% of all trips are by walking or biking. In Sweden it’s 49%.

The study provides a list of small lifestyle changes you can do to get more activity into your everyday. If you are a regular reader of Nano Workouts you know that this is pretty much what this blog is dedicated to, and who am I to argue with science.

Run, but not too fast or too long
Another study from ACLS also tracked 5000 men and women who were runners. The study showed that people who ran less than 20 miles a week, at a pace of six to seven miles an hour, had a 19% lower risk of dying from any cause when compared to non-runners. But, runners to ran more miles at a faster pace did not have any additional survival benefits. Not very surprising the study also showed that walkers suffered less risk of injury than runners. Moderation is key.

Link to reserch presentation (PDF)