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Desk push-ups – arm workout at work

push-ups at work
Exercise: Desk Push-ups
Situation: At work
Exercises: Upper arms

Push your chair away for 30 seconds and get some push-ups on. It’s not more difficult than that.

Just lean towards you desk and do as many push-ups as you can manage, or split them into two or three reps. Boom, You are on your way to some well toned sexy arms!

Conference Call Push-ups

conference call push-ups

Exercise: Conf call push-ups
Situation: In a conference call
Exercises: Chest & upper arms

This is one of my favourite Nano Workouts and I have been doing conf call push-ups for several years.

Anyone who’s ever been in a conference call with many participants know that the majority of time is spent as a passive listener and you probably won’t talk for more than 10 minutes during a 1h conference call.

Remember to switch your headset to mute before you hit the floor and do 10 push-ups. 10 is a good number because you will not sound too out of breath if you suddenly are hit with a question. Try to do 10 push-ups every 10 minutes, then you will have done a solid 60 push-ups in one hour.

Push-ups for likes

infographics sign declaring push-ups for likes

I have to admit I am a tad nervous as I write this because I have no idea how this little escapade will end up but here we go.

I will do 5 push-ups for each ‘Like’ Nano Workout gets on Facebook. Hit the like button on the menu to the right or go stright to our Facebook page and like us there. Nano Workout on Facebook

It doeasn’t count if you hit the like button for this post (the one below) it need to be for the Facebook page.

I will post a video of my sufferings when we reach an appropriate amount of likes. Perhaps there will be several.

For the sake of self-preservation I’m throwing in a disclaimer. If this for some reason blows up and Nano Workout gets 500+ followers I probably have to make a slight adjustment in the amount of push-ups for each like. But lets start with 5 for each  and we’ll see where this will end up.

Now please make me suffer