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Shoulder rolls – shoulder exercise in the car

Tensed shoulders after a long time behind the wheel? Try some shoulder rolls.

shoulder rolls

Nel is stretching his shoulders while driving.

The shoulder roll is a simple stretch exercise with a lot of benefits. Shoulder rolls will help you release tension in your shoulders, increasing general mobility and improving your posture. You can do them almost everywhere and they one of few exercise suited to do in a car. They are especially good on a long drive, since you tend to tense up after hours behind the wheel.

Keep your head up without tilting it forward and relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath through your nose. Do the shoulder rolls as you slowly exhale through your mouth.
Start with your left shoulder. Pull your shoulder back and then lift it up towards your ear and then push it forward in a rolling motion. Roll your shoulder forward a few times and then switch direction. Then do the same with your right shoulder. Take your time and do them slowly. You can either roll one shoulder at the time, or both shoulders at the same time. Finish by shrugging your shoulders a couple of times.