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Leg workout in a bar

workout in a bar

Exercise: Leg workout
Situation: In a bar
Exercises: Legs and lower abs

Can you actually have a drink and workout at the same time? Probably not, but why not give it a go anyway? This is a static leg exercises that targets your thighs and lower abs.

Find a bar stool and position yourself quite far out on the edge. Keep your legs elevated in a straight angle and hold the position for as long as you can without resting your feet on the footrest. After a while you will feel the exercise in your thighs and your lower abs.

Also remember to look cool and casual!

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The Flamingo – A balance act on public transportation

balance act on public transportation
Exercise: The Flamingo
Situation: On public transportation
Exercises: Balance

The Flamingo is a balance exercise you can do if you find yourself standing on an unstable platform such as on a train, bus or in an elevator.

It couldn’t be more simple to do. Just lift one leg slightly and try to keep your balance without holding on to something. Public transportation are rarely known for providing a smooth ride so you are in for a challenge, but if you for some reason think it’s too easy then try to close your eyes while still standing on one leg.

You will get a great balance exercise and also strengthen the muscles on your lower legs.

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Office squat – Leg workout at your desk

office squat
Exercise: Office squat
Situation: At a desk
Exercises: Legs

You probably know that it’s good to alternate between sitting down and standing up at your desk, but this exercise takes it one step further. If you have a desk which you can control the height of you should keep it at a quite low height. Push away your chair and work for a while in a squatted position. You will get a good static workout of your legs.

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