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Office squat – Leg workout at your desk

office squat
Exercise: Office squat
Situation: At a desk
Exercises: Legs

You probably know that it’s good to alternate between sitting down and standing up at your desk, but this exercise takes it one step further. If you have a desk which you can control the height of you should keep it at a quite low height. Push away your chair and work for a while in a squatted position. You will get a good static workout of your legs.

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Office chair dips – A killer workout for the office

arm workout on an office chair

Exercise: Office chair dips
Situation: At work
Exercises: Upper arms

This is a great Nano Workout for your upper arms. The nifty thing with this variant on dips is that you work out both the back and front side of your upper arms.

Use an office chair with wheels. A normal chair will also work but then you won’t exercise the front of you arms. Grab on to the edge of the seat and let the chair roll back as you go down. Stop when your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Pull that chair towards you to get back up again. Repeat!

This can be quite a heavy workout and it’s easier with a chair without wheel.

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