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5500+ books

We’re hardly talking Harry Potter sales figures here but I’m still super happy that my book has sold more than 5500 copies up to date.

You can pick up a copy at most online bookstores for as cheap as $11.94.
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Now back to chilling in the sun

Maybe the greatest workout book ever...

Maybe the greatest workout book ever…

8 ways to climb stairs

8 ways to climb stairs – The ultimate collection of stair climbing exercises

In celebration of the new Nano Workouts tagline – Always the stairs, I assembled a collection of some more spicy ways to climb stairs. There are plenty of ways to climb stairs and if I left any out then please share them in the comments section at the end of the post.

8 ways to climb stairs

The ultimate guide to climbing stairs

Maybe the most cardio intense way you can climb a stair is to run it. Try to keep your legs high and maintain a high pace. An alternative way of you have long legs is to take several steps at a time.

This is a rather time consuming way to climb stairs but quite a pulse raiser. Keep your feet parallel feet and jump one or several steps at a time. There are several ways to jump up stairs but one thing they have in common is that you need to be careful so you don’t fall and get hurt.

Calf raises
A you are walking up the stairs, place your feet on the edge of each step and push yourself up with your calves.

Crouched walk
Try to maintain a continuous low center of gravity and crouch down as you are climbing the stairs. This on work well both when for up and down.

Long steps
Try to take as long steps as you possibly can. It’s quite straining on your thighs when you have to lift yourself up from a low position.

Move up and down stairs sideways by crossing one leg in front of the other and altering which leg is in front. This method also targets the muscles on the outside of your legs.

Monkey crawl
We’ve all been kids once and then we loved running up and down stairs on all four. Now that we are a bit older it just seem stupid, but if you are in the privacy of your home and have a stair available then why not give it a go. The really advanced version is to also climb down the stairs on all four, but be careful you don’t get hurt.

Walk to toes
This is one of my favourites because it comes very natural and is also discreet, so you can do it in public. Tense your calves and make sure you are only moving up and down stairs without letting your heel touch the ground.

Standing Glues Strech – Treat your back pain while waiting for a train

glutes stretch illustration

Mel is stretching her glutes and practing balance while waiting for a train.

Experiencing pain in your lower back or hips?
You are not alone and tight glutes may be one reason for this. The glutes, or gluteus maximus as they are called are basically your butt and they tend to get tight if you sit down a lot, and especially if you sit with your legs crossed. You should as often as possible stretch your glutes to open up your hips.

The standing glutes stretch might be a difficult exercise, but it’s also one of the most versatile exercises there are since it not only stretches your glutes, but at the same time includes balance in the exercise.

Stand on your left leg and place your right ankle on your left thigh. Lower yourself down as you push your hips back to a seated position. You will feel tension in the right side of your butt. You can keep your hands at your hips or help the stretch by gently pressing on the right knee. Hold the position for the desired amount of time and then switch to the other side. Remember to breathe during the stretch. If you have trouble keeping your balance you can find something to hold on to.

Try this exercise when waiting for a train or maybe when waiting for water to boil in the kitchen.