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The Invisible chair – Leg workout when on the phone

Exercise: The Invisible chair
Situation: On the phone
Exercises: Legs

The Invisible chair is a killer leg exercise for when you are on the phone. Find an open wall to sit against. Try to get as close to sitting in a 90° angle as possible and keep sitting for as long as you can. It might also be a good idea to split this workout into a couple of sets because otherwise the person you are on the phone with might start to wonder why you sound funny.

Conference Call Push-ups

conference call push-ups

Exercise: Conf call push-ups
Situation: In a conference call
Exercises: Chest & upper arms

This is one of my favourite Nano Workouts and I have been doing conf call push-ups for several years.

Anyone who’s ever been in a conference call with many participants know that the majority of time is spent as a passive listener and you probably won’t talk for more than 10 minutes during a 1h conference call.

Remember to switch your headset to mute before you hit the floor and do 10 push-ups. 10 is a good number because you will not sound too out of breath if you suddenly are hit with a question. Try to do 10 push-ups every 10 minutes, then you will have done a solid 60 push-ups in one hour.