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Couch dips – Upper arm workout in the couch

upper arm workout in the couch
Exercise: Couch dips
Situation: In the sofa
Exercises: Upper arms

Find a commercial break and jump down from that comfy sofa you are chilling in and get your workout on. Couch dips are really easy to do and in just 60 seconds you will have done quite a few reps.

With your knuckles facing our grab hold of the edge of the couch. Do the dips as deep as you can without touching the floor. Repeat as many times as you can and preferably do a couple of sets before crawling back up in the couch again.

Leg workout in a bar

workout in a bar

Exercise: Leg workout
Situation: In a bar
Exercises: Legs and lower abs

Can you actually have a drink and workout at the same time? Probably not, but why not give it a go anyway? This is a static leg exercises that targets your thighs and lower abs.

Find a bar stool and position yourself quite far out on the edge. Keep your legs elevated in a straight angle and hold the position for as long as you can without resting your feet on the footrest. After a while you will feel the exercise in your thighs and your lower abs.

Also remember to look cool and casual!

The sink pull – Back stretch in the kitchen

Exercise: The sink pull
Situation: In the kithchen
Stretches: Back

If you have 30 seconds to spare when waiting for water to boil or the micro to finish, then you can use them to stretch your back.

With you right hand, grab hold of the edge of your kitchen top where the sink is and extend your right leg back. Pull the sink towards you and you will feel a great back stretch on your right side. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and repeat a couple of times, then switch side.