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One legged squats

One legged squats – pistol squats on stairs

The one legged squat is an extremely effective leg and balance exercise which challenges your entire body.

If you find yourself waiting close to a set of stairs you are in a good position to do some one legged squats, or pistol squats are they are also called. Pistol squats can also be done on a flat surface but it’s easier if you do them on stairs, plus it’s good to have a bannister at hand to help with the balance.

One legged squats

One legged squats, or pistol squats, are great to do on stairs.

The supporting foot should be placed flat on the ground and remain so during the entire movement. Your upper body should be leaned forward and your arms extended to help keep your balance. Slowly squat down and at the same time keep your leg extended straight, then push yourself up again. Keep your abs tensed during the exercise. Don’t rush! You can either do several reps on one side and then switch, or switch leg in between each rep.

Once you get stronger you can also do one legged squats on a flat surface, but keep in mind that this puts more stress on your knees.


dorsiflexion exercise

Dorsiflexion – Shin exercise while waiting

dorsiflexion exercise

The muscles on the front of your lower legs are weaker than your calves, because they are engaged constantly when moving about during the day. Exercising the shin muscles is good for avoiding muscle imbalance and can help avoid ankle injuries.

Shin splints. It even sounds evil. If you are a runner there a good chance you at some point in your running career have experienced shin splints and then you also know how difficult they are to get rid of. This is a great simple shin exercise you can do almost everywhere to help cure shin splint or to simply prevent ankle injuries.

Lean with your back against a wall on your heels about a foot from the wall. Hinge your feet up towards your shins as much as you can and then keep them lifted for a couple of seconds before lowering them, without touch the ground your toes. Repeat the desired amount of times.

You can also do this exercise when laying in bed.
Another good shin exercise is to walk on your heels.

*Dorsiflexion is the anatomic term for flexing your feet up toward your lower legs.

Office chair leg stretchers – get flexible while at work

illustration how to stretch legs while sitting down
Situation: Sitting down, while at work
Stretches: Legs

Sit on the edge of the chair and lean forward and grab hold of your left foot with your righ hand. Without arching your back, bring your belly towards your thighs. You should feel the tension on the back of your left leg. Keep the stretch for about 10 seconds and repeat a couple of times before switching leg.