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exercise furniture

Workout furniture – workspace furniture which converts into exercise equipment

Workout workspace furniture, by Darryl Agawin

exercise furniture

Darrul Agawin’s 3-piece workspace furniture set which transform into exercise furniture.

Vancouver based based designer Darryl Agawin have designed a set of furniture which should invite the user to exercise. No sweat! is a three piece workspace furniture set which transforms into exercise equipment.

The set is based on some very common exercise tools; a step-up board, balance board, skipping rope and kettle bell.

I applaud the idea but I can’t help to feel that more could be done. Most of it are tools you pick off the furniture and then use for exercise separately and there’s not really too much benefit from having them by themselves. I would like to see a chair which folds for sit ups or a pull up bar desk.

Darryl claims that the set is designed for everyone but I think that everyone in this case have to really enjoy 80’s design and especially the Memphis reaction from 1981-85.

Still it’s a novel idea and it would be great to see more of this kind of thinking.

No, Sweat! – teaser 2 from Darryl Agawin on Vimeo.