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couch lunges

Couch Lunges – the second most effective butt exercise there is

couch lunges

According to fitnss experts lunges are the second most effective exercise to shape your butt.

Forget about using weights or going to the gym if your want a great ass. In a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, 36.000 ACE certified trainers were asked which is the most effective exercise to tone your butt. On second place you find good old lunges (squats came in on first place). Lunges are not only great for toning your butt but they also do wonders on your thighs. And the great thing about both squats and lunges are is that you don’t need any gear to do them, so a well suited situation to do some lunges is while watching TV.

Place one leg on the couch behind you. Bend your front leg until your knee is 90 degrees to the floor. Keep the position for a short period of time before pushing yourself up again. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions and then switch to the other side. Keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed throughout the exercise.

If you want to make the lunges even more effective you can hold a pair of dumbbells for extra weight.

You can also make the lunges even more spicy by doing an explosive push followed by a jump. This is called a split squat jump.

female orgasm day

International Female Orgasm Day

female orgasm day

Aug 8 is The International Day Of The Female Orgasm

Although every day should be Female Orgasm Day, Brazilian Concilman Arimaeio Dantas proclaimed Aug 8th as the International Female Orgasm Day as a way to honor his wife (or Día Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino as it’s also called).

This date is intended to be a tribute to women who want to reach the peak of pleasure.

According to Kinsey Institute (US), only a third of women around the world reach orgasm from sexual practices. We can hope that bringing awareness to these sad stats can help boost these figures.

It’s also estimated that an orgasm burn somewhere between 50-100 calories and the lovemaking itself can burn around 300 calories per hour. Strangely enough I can’t seem to find any hard research on the topic so you might want to take these numbers with a pinch of salt.

If you want to read up on the topic here’s a list of 10 Explosive Female Orgasm Types.