The Chinese secret of living to be 100

A little string of villages in China have cracked the longevity code. Here’s how you live to be 100.


Centenarian riding a bike

Chengmai, China. Within a population of just over 500.000 there are moe than 200 people at an age above 100. This is one of the highest density of centenarians in the world and it seems like these people have cracked the code to lengevity.

Outside of China there are other clusters of longevity which includes Cuba, the islands off Greece, Japan and a couple of other. Now what do the people in Chenmai and these places have in common? Besides from living on a primarily plant based diet and having strong family bonds, they all live a lifestyle which requires physical activity. No they don’t go to the gym but they get their daily exercise from how they live.

“I’ve never done any exercise, except hard farmwork,” said 86 year-old Wang Kailu, who lives in a simple concrete shack with his wife Wu Aihe.

Now you might have guessed where I’m heading with this; We should do what the people who live the longest do and try activate ourselves throughout the day instead of just hitting the gym once or twice a week. Exercise shouldn’t be binary. This was also proven by Dan Buettners in his research about blue zones where the number one key to longevity is to move naturally.

Try to include Nano Workouts in your daily routine and you will both feel better but also live longer.

Source: Tom Hancock (AFP)