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Workout exercies you can do in the bathroom. Workout in the shower and on the toilet.

balance exercise illustration

One legged forefoot exercise – practice balance while brushing teeth

The One legged forefoot is a great exercise you can do in many places. Try it when brushing your teeth or just standing around waiting for your ride. You will both improve your balance as well as strengthen your feet and lower legs.

balance exercise illustration

Nel is practising his balance and strengthens his feet while brushing his teeth.

Start by standing on one leg. When you feel comfortable with your balance and can stand on one leg for a longer period of time without losing your balance, it’s time to take this exercise to the next level. It’s time to go forefoot!

While standing on one leg, raise yourself up on your forefoot and keep standing on one leg. Try to maintain this position for a longer period of time. Aim for 60 seconds.

An even more advanced version is to stand on one leg on a balance board and if you really want to make it tricky you should also be carrying something heavy.

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Arm stretch on the toilet

man stretching arm on toilet
Exercise: Arm stretch
Situation: On the can
Stretches: Upper arms

Sit down for some private time and use it to stretch your arms.

With one arm behind your back, apply force with the other hand so you feel tension on the outside of your upper arm. You can lean into the stretch to make it more effective. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and switch sides a couple of times.

Toothbrush Squats – a killer leg workout in the bathroom

squats in the bathroom
Exercise: Toothbrush squats
Situation: Brushing teeth
Exercises: Legs

This is one of my favorite but also most feared Nano Workouts. Two minutes of squatting equals to about 60 squats and that’s an intense toothbrush session for sure.

Squat as deep as you can and repeat as many times as you can manage during the time you brush your teeth. It’s a killer, but you’ll be happy when you’re done.

Squatting while brushing your teeth will give you a killer leg workout and set your day off to a great start.