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Bedrrom workouts are easy exercises you can do in your bed as you are waking up or going to sleep. Here you’ll find both muscle- stretch- and relaxation exercises.

Rotator Cuff Stretch in the couch

illustration of how to stretch rotator cuffs

Nel is stretching his rotator cuffs while watching TV in the couch.

On the back of your shoulders is the Supraspinatus, your rotator cuffs. This muscle risk injury if you practice racquetball or spend a lot of time in front of a computer. If you stretch your rotator cuffs often you can prevent or treat injuries. This is a simple stretch exercise you can do when laying in the couch or the bed.

Lay on your left side with your upper arm 90 degrees from your body and your forearm pointing up in a 90 degree angle. With your right hand, gently push your left wrist down while maintaining a 90 degree angle in your elbow. You will feel tension in your rotator cuff, the back of your shoulder. Hold the position for the desired amount of time and then switch to the other side.

One side is probably more tensed than the other and focus more on that side and strive for symmetry.

If you want you can place a pillow under your head for support.

Lying quad stretch – Get toned & flexible legs in bed.

quadriceps stretch illustration

Mel is stretching her quads in bed.

There are many reasons why you should stretch your quadriceps, the large muscles on the front of you legs. Pain in the knees, bad back, or poor posture from having spent a lot of time sitting down are just a few reasons. It’s very common to have tight quadriceps and it takes a bit of time to get them loosened up. There are several ways to stretch your quads and the lying side quad stretch is on of the easiest and most effective versions. This stretch works just as well in the bed as in the sofa in front of the TV.

Lay on your left side and place your right hand on your right ankle while flexing your left leg slightly. Tense your butt and pull your right ankle up towards your butt and at the same time gently extend your leg. Don’t pull your heel all the way up to your butt because this puts too much force on you knee instead of stretching your muscles. Hold the position for the desired amount of time and then switch to the other side. Stop if you experience pain in your knee.

An alternative is to use a towel for help. Lay face down on the bed with one leg standing on the floor. Wrap the towel around your ankle and pull above your head. This version reduces the strain on your knees and is to be preferred. If you can reach you can use your hand to pull instead of a towel.

You can also do the good old standing up quad stretch but it’s not as effective as the ones where you lay down. If you do a standing quad stretch, lean forward to get a good angle on the stretched leg and avoid injuring your knees. Use the opposite hand to hold the foot to deepen the stretch.

illustration how to stretch inner thighs in bed

Stretch inner thighs in bed

illustration how to stretch inner thighs in bed
Mel is stretching her inner thighs and groin region in bed after a long day at work.

Flexible inner thighs are good for general mobility and will help for running, walking, swimming, biking etc. The purpose of the muscles in your inner thighs, called adductors, is to pull your legs together. The adductors are engaged but squeezing your legs together.

This is one of the easiest inner thigh and groin stretches you can do and it’s perfect to do in bed just before going to sleep at night.

Lay on your back in bed and put the soles of your feet together while bending your legs. Gently open up your legs by pressing your knees out to the sides. You can adjust the stretch to fit your agility level by positioning your feet close or far away from you. It’s easier with your feet further away. If needed, you can place your hands on your thighs to add a bit of extra pressure. Hold the position for the desired amount of time and then repeat.