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The Nano Workout book not only collects all your favourite nano workouts in one place but also give an in-depth understanding to why and how each exercise should be performed.

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We’re hardly talking Harry Potter sales figures here but I’m still super happy that my book has sold more than 5500 copies up to date.

You can pick up a copy at most online bookstores for as cheap as $11.94.
Here are a few links Amazon Barnes & Noble Powell’s

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Maybe the greatest workout book ever...

Maybe the greatest workout book ever…

nano workouts book

The Nano Workouts book is now available to order

nano workouts book

The first copies of the Nano Workouts book

After having spent a few weeks abroad, mainly climbing and hiking up mountains, my return was greeted with an awesome gift. Waiting for me were samples from the first batch of the Nano Workouts book, and they look great.

I did a quick check on the major online bookstores and it’s available to order from all of them without any delay. So no point in waiting around! Just a few dollars and you’ll have a great little book either for yourself or to give away to someone who you know don’t want to go to the gym but still need to get their ass out of the couch.

Here are some links to where you can order the book. It’s probably also available at your local online bookstore if you don’t want to use any of the ones below.
amazon US
amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

cover art of nano workouts book

The workout book of the century now available as pre-order from amazon

[amazon asin=1612431798&text=Nano Workouts book at amazon]You can now pre-order the Nano Workouts book from amazon

cover art of nano workouts book

An almost-ready version of the Nano Workouts book cover.

During this winter I was busting my ass to finish all illustrations and texts for the Nano Workouts book and I super excited to see that it’s now possible to pre-order it from amazon. Even though still haven’t seen the final version in it’s physical form I’m really proud of the content and judging by the drafts I have received from Ulysses Press I’m confident the book will look great.

Depending on how the book does will also determine the future of this blog so if you enjoy the blog please show your support and turn a few hard earned bucks into a physical edition of the best workout book of the century (I might not be 100% objective in that opinion). Also, if you would be so kind and share this with your network I would be even more grateful <3

Pre-order the Nano Workouts book from amazon here