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More and more scientific studies are being published which show that living an active lifestyle and moving constantly during the day is not even as good as doing a single longer workout, but even better. Here I collect stories and links about research studies and other related material to living life the Nano Workouts way.

exercise in front of tv commercials

Turn 5 hours a week of wasted commercial breaks into exercise

The average person watches TV commercials for 10 full days in a year. What if all that time was turned into something more constructive, say exercise?

exercise in front of tv commercials

TV commercials makes for 8 minutes of great exercise opportunities per hour.

Some stats: The average person spend about 34 hours a week watching TV. The average time we are exposed to commercials is close to 8 minutes per hour (during prime time that figure goes up to almost 14 minutes). Just to be conservative well do our math based on 8 minutes.

8 minutes per hour adds up to almost 5 hours per week. That’s 10 full days in a year! The point is that it’s an insane amount of time when added up, and we’re wasting it watching commercials. If we were to spend that time exercising we would have ourselves one heck of a workout program.

Crunches, dips, lunges, bike exercises, plank, stretching, push-ups and squats are some great exercises that are all well suited to do in the couch in front of the TV.

The key to fitting Nano Workouts into your lifestyle is to identify situations you often find yourself in and try to think constructively how you can turn them into something active. When sitting in the couch at home in front of the TV is exactly one of those situations.

You can also check out the couch section for even more exercise you can do at home in front of the TV.


The Chinese secret of living to be 100

A little string of villages in China have cracked the longevity code. Here’s how you live to be 100.


Centenarian riding a bike

Chengmai, China. Within a population of just over 500.000 there are moe than 200 people at an age above 100. This is one of the highest density of centenarians in the world and it seems like these people have cracked the code to lengevity.

Outside of China there are other clusters of longevity which includes Cuba, the islands off Greece, Japan and a couple of other. Now what do the people in Chenmai and these places have in common? Besides from living on a primarily plant based diet and having strong family bonds, they all live a lifestyle which requires physical activity. No they don’t go to the gym but they get their daily exercise from how they live.

“I’ve never done any exercise, except hard farmwork,” said 86 year-old Wang Kailu, who lives in a simple concrete shack with his wife Wu Aihe.

Now you might have guessed where I’m heading with this; We should do what the people who live the longest do and try activate ourselves throughout the day instead of just hitting the gym once or twice a week. Exercise shouldn’t be binary. This was also proven by Dan Buettners in his research about blue zones where the number one key to longevity is to move naturally.

Try to include Nano Workouts in your daily routine and you will both feel better but also live longer.

Source: Tom Hancock (AFP)

Toxic sugar - documentary

Toxic sugar – the obesity epidemic (video)

Sugar is the root cause of the obesity epidemic spreading around the globe and this great Australian documentary from ABC Catalyst explains how our body reacts to sugar and carbs. These are 18 min you really need to watch!

You will hear comments from obesity Professor Michael Cowley who explains how insulin is the main hormone which stores fat in the fat cells and eating carbohydrates will cause your insulin levels to stay high (makes you fat).

Professor Robert Lustig from the University of California resembles eating sugar with coating a steak with a sugary barbecue sauce. The sauce helps the steak to brown faster and the same thing is happening inside us when we eat sugar; we age faster. Prof Lustig says that if you had a glass of fruit juice this morning, it caused you to age seven times faster.

Overall I think these are 18 minutes really well spend watching. If you still don’t want to look at it then here’s the main insight; sugar and carbohydrates makes us fat and we should limit our intake of these substances. Instead eat more protein and fat.