The complete Nano Workouts Collection

The complete collection of Nano Workouts

The complete Nano Workouts Collection
To make life easier, I have collected all Nano Workouts in one place. Here you should be able to find exercises for almost all situations you might find yourself in.

bathroom_icon Bathroom workouts
Toothbrush Squats
One legged forefoot balance exercise
Arm stretch on the toilet
Calf raises – while brushing your teeth
Itchy feet – Stretch you back when on the can
Drop the Soap – Leg stretching in the shower Favorite!
Wall push – Chest stretch in the shower
Finger Pointers – Finger & lower arm workout on the toilet
move_icon Workouts on the move
One legged squats – pistol squats on stairs NEW!
Vacuum lunges – quads, glutes and core workout while cleaning
8 ways to climb stairs – The ultimate collection of stair climbing exercises Collection!
Walking meetings – walk 30miles a week while still at the office. Video!
Shoulder rolls – shoulder exercise in the car
Standing Glues Strech – Treat your back pain while waiting for a train
Dorsiflexion – Shin exercise while waiting
Improve finger flexibility – Stretch your fingers in the car
Running stairs – a cardio workout which shapes your butt
Knee Press – Inner thigh workout on a train
The Hulk – Upper body workout when waiting for green light
Commuter Abs Workout
The Basket Lift – Upper arm workout while shopping
Leg workout in a bar
The Flamingo – A balance act on public transportation
Hasselhoff – Abs workout when walking
Shopping Bag Dumbbells – Weightlifting after shopping
The casual lean – Upper arm workout while waiting
office_icon Office workouts
How to make a pull-up bar for the office in just 3 minutes DIY!
Walking meetings – walk 30miles a week while still at the office.
Leg Extensions – Quads exercise at work
Standing Glues Strech – Treat your back pain while waiting for a train
Chair Dips – Get strong upper arms when sitting on a chair
Stretch the rotator cuff (back of the shoulder)
Seated side stretch – easy and effective office stretch
Seated groin stretch – inner thigh stretch on a chair
Office chair leg stretchers – get flexible while at work
Sliding Plank – Abs workout with an office chair
Floating Feet – Abs and legs workout in the office
Desk push-ups – arm workout at work
Like a prayer – Arm and chest exercise at work
Desk clamp – Abs workout at the office
Neck stretchers at the office
The Invisible chair – Leg workout when on the phone
Finger Benders – Wrist stretching at the office
Office squat – Leg workout at your desk
Conference Call Push-ups
Chair Crunches – Abs workout on a chair
kitchen_icon Kitchen workouts
Frying pan dumbbell – shoulder workout in the kitchen
Chair Dips – Get strong upper arms when sitting on a chair
Leg raises in the kitchen
Ingredient squats – leg workout while cooking
Neck stretch – at the dinner table
The Towel Pull – Upper arm workout in the kitchen
Tip Toe – Leg workout in the kitchen
The sink pull – Back stretch in the kitchen
Manual cooking – Arm workout in the kitchen
Kitchen Dips – Upper arm workout when cooking
sofa_icon Couch workouts
Couch Lunges – the second most effective butt exercise there is
Rotator Cuff Stretch in the couch
Side Crunches in the sofa
The Folding Knife – Lower abs workout on the couch
The Plank – Core workout on the couch
Leg Flexing – on the couch
Couch Bike – Leg workout in the sofa
Couch dips – Upper arm workout in the couch
Big Ass Book dumbbell – Upper arm workout in the couch
Bum stretch – Kick back and stretch your glutes
Hip flexor stretch – while watching TV
Toe grabbers – Leg stretching from the couch
Couch crunches – Abs workout while watching TV
bedroom_icon Bedroom workouts
Lying quad stretch – Get toned & flexible legs in bed
Stretch inner thighs in bed
Tense-release relaxation technique
Twisting crunches in bed – get rock solid abs in bed
Buttocks stretch in bed (gluteus)
Leg spinners – Abs workout in bed
Stretch Hamstrings in bed
Sleepwalker – Upper body workout in bed
Turning Torso – Back & bum stretch in bed
Arching – Stretch your back in bed
Bull neck & Belly stretch in bed