Dan Buettner at TED MED

Live to be 100+

In this TED MED talk from 2010 Dan Buettner explains the research he did together with National Geographics to unveil the secret behind living to be 100+ years old.

As you might expect Dan’s research supports the Nano Workout lifestyle and if you got 19 minutes to spare I can highly recommend this TED talk.

The research boiled down to what they call the Power 9. Pay extra attention the what’s rated most important.

1. Move Naturally
2. Have a purpose
3. Down Shift
4. Eat until you are 80% full
5. Eat plants
6. Drink 1-2 glasses of wine every day
7. Belong
8. Loved Ones First
9. Right Tribe


Facebook and texting is stealing your exercise time

A recent UK study showed that the main excuse for not exercising is lack of time, but at the same time half of the participants spent 30-60 minutes every day texting and 30-60 minutes on Facebook.

texting instead of working out

People spend a lot more time on social networks than taking care of themeselves.

The recent study was commissioned by the HIIT fitness system and included 1000 participants.

Among the women, 75% stated that the would like to be in better shape, but 40% said that a lack of time prevented them from working out. But at the same time almost 60% of the surveyed women stated that they spent 30-60 minutes texting every day, and 47% spend 30-60 minutes on Facebook. As for the men 70% state that they don’t have enough time but 45% spend 30-60 minutes on Facebook. I couldn’t find any numbers on texting for men.

Although it appears that it’s not the lack of time which is the problem but rather a lack of motivation and ability to make exercise a part of the daily routine.

It appear that there are many people who would benefit from learning about Nano Workouts since this lowers the threshold for working out to a minimum. Personally I think I’m going to start enforcing a small exercise penalty each time I open Facebook. It might get painful because I’m there quite a lot.