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Turning Torso – Back & bum stretch in bed

stretch in bed
Exercise: Turning Torso
Situation: In bed
Stretches: Back & bum

After a long day at work this little stretch exercise will do wonders for your back.

Lay down on the side in bed. Use your left hand to press down your knee while also pressing down with your right arm to the bed. Switch sides! Feel your back return to its former glory.

Arching – Stretch your back in bed

Exercise: Arching
Situation: In bed
Stretches: Back

This is an awesome stretch exercise to do before you get out of bed in the morning.
Arch your back so you feel the stretch in your back. You can also help by lifting your back with your hands.

Bull neck & Belly stretch in bed

workout in bed

Exercise: Bull neck & Belly stretch
Situation: In bed
Exercises: Neck & Abs

This is a good exercise to do just as you are getting ready for bed or when you have just woken up. You get a good abs stretch as well as giving your neck a workout.

Lay with your head and neck outside the edge of the bed. Stretch as much as you can so you can feel it in your abs. Keep your head elevated for as long as you can to get a good neck workout. You don’t need to keep your arms extended as you are exercising your neck.

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