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Toxic sugar - documentary

Toxic sugar – the obesity epidemic (video)

Sugar is the root cause of the obesity epidemic spreading around the globe and this great Australian documentary from ABC Catalyst explains how our body reacts to sugar and carbs. These are 18 min you really need to watch!

You will hear comments from obesity Professor Michael Cowley who explains how insulin is the main hormone which stores fat in the fat cells and eating carbohydrates will cause your insulin levels to stay high (makes you fat).

Professor Robert Lustig from the University of California resembles eating sugar with coating a steak with a sugary barbecue sauce. The sauce helps the steak to brown faster and the same thing is happening inside us when we eat sugar; we age faster. Prof Lustig says that if you had a glass of fruit juice this morning, it caused you to age seven times faster.

Overall I think these are 18 minutes really well spend watching. If you still don’t want to look at it then here’s the main insight; sugar and carbohydrates makes us fat and we should limit our intake of these substances. Instead eat more protein and fat.

Intermittent exercise

Better weight loss with intermittent workouts – research study

Intermittent exerciseShort intermittent workouts during the day might be better for weight loss than a single full workout, according to a new study published in the journal Obesity.

Lately I have been posting a few research studies and I hope they don’t bore you too much. The reason is that I find it really interesting to read about research related to exercising according to the Nano Workout approach. What is even better is that all studies support this method of getting your daily exercise, also when pitched against traditional continuous workouts.

This latest study published in journal Obesity wanted to find out how hormones which regulates appetite (Peptide YY) fluctuated when doing intermittent vs. continuous exercise.

The study had 11 obese participants do one hour of continuous exercise one day, and another day do 12 sets of 5 minute intermittent workouts. The researchers couldn’t see any difference in the PPT hormone when comparing continuous and intermittent workouts, but the participants stated they felt av average of 32% fuller in the morning and afternoon after having done intermittent workouts.

Although this was a very small study with only 11 participant the results are still interesting.

Study co-author Tim Fairchild, from Murdoch University’s School of Psychology and Exercise, said a regime of shorter exercise sessions presented a promising alternative for weight maintenance and weight loss. “Staying physically active at work and home is critical for maintaining low levels of hunger.”

Prof. David Dunstan (not connected to the study) said the next step was to work out how the finding translated to people’s working lives. “What happens when you start scaling this down to what is practical and meaningful? You could go and walk the stairs but you’re going to be in your work clothes. So what can people fit into their daily lives without too much disruption to their productivity?”.

Seems like the researchers are agreeing: Nano Workouts are the shit!

source The Conversation

illustration of woman running up stairs

Running stairs – a cardio workout which shapes your butt

illustration of woman running up stairs
Exercises: Legs, butt & cardio

Walking stairs instead of taking the elevator is step one to achieving an active lifestyle. When you feel comfortable walking up stairs it’s time to kick it up a notch and start sprinting up stairs.

The awesome thing about running stairs is that it’s a very effective cardiovascular workout and you can quickly raise your pulse. If you put your mind to it you will have your heart racing in just a few floors. This is also the kind f exercise which really burns calories and if your goal is a well toned butt then this is the exercise for you.

If the stairs are of normal size you should step on every stair. Lift your knees up high and keep a high pitched pace. The main thing about running stairs is that you run on your toes and not your heels. Make sure you push off with all muscles in your lower body; calves, thighs and butt. Don’t just let your knees do the work. Also get your arms involved and swing them back and forth when running, don’t shrug. Focus on keeping a high pace, this will get your heart pumping and you’ll improve your conditioning level.

Once you have mastered running on every stair you can try to only step on every other stair.

Something to keep in mind is that running stairs puts a lot of stress on your knees and lower body, so stop if you exercise pain.