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Sliding Plank – Abs workout with an office chair

illustration of woman working out at the office
Situation: At the office
Exercises: Abs

HOW: You can do this exercise both as a static or dynamic workout. Most effective is the dynamic motion which requires both strength and coordination; Lean forward on a chair with wheels and assume the plank position, lower arms resting firmly on the cushion and upper arms in vertical position. Let the chair roll forward away from you as far as you can manage and then pull it back towards you again. Repeat! It’s a very effective workout and you will instantly feel your abs getting a full rundown.

It’s easier as a static workout. Then you just lean forward in a plank position and hold for as long as you can. You can also do this on a chair without wheels.

The Invisible chair – Leg workout when on the phone

Exercise: The Invisible chair
Situation: On the phone
Exercises: Legs

The Invisible chair is a killer leg exercise for when you are on the phone. Find an open wall to sit against. Try to get as close to sitting in a 90° angle as possible and keep sitting for as long as you can. It might also be a good idea to split this workout into a couple of sets because otherwise the person you are on the phone with might start to wonder why you sound funny.

Finger Benders – Wrist stretching at the office

wrist stretching at the office
Exercise: Finger Benders
Situation: At work
Stretches: Wrists, fingers & lower arms

If you have been working in front of the computer for a while this a good little stretch exercise to get your wrists, fingers and lower arms back in the game.

Grab hold of the fingers of your left hand with your right hand. Straighten your arm with the fingers facing down. Hold for 8-10 seconds. Switch! Repeat a few times on each side.